Scope of Services


Interior layouts are created to meet the requirements of the clients, be it homeowners or developers. We will provide an overall evaluation, recommend and define the criteria for the development of the interior, project schedule, furnishings, fixture and equipment budgets.


In this stage, we will develop preliminary floor plans, elevations, materials and furniture selection. We will have interior perspectives sketches that establish the design direction and theme. Budget estimation will also be included in this stage.

Design Development

By using sketches and/or CAD documentation, we will provide sufficient information for the architect, M&E consultant, plumbing consultant to include the interior design information into the construction documentations and specification.

Design Documentation

Elements ID will then produce a final set of drawings and specifications. Documents provided in this stage include material specifications, customized fixture details, furnishing specification & equipment specification.

Design Implementation

During implementation, the designers will make regular visits to the site to ensure that the works are done to specifications and design concept. Art selection and styling services are provided in this stage.